‘Twas the night before…

Warning: some graphic content. If you can’t handle surgery photos, don’t look. You’ve been warned.


I’m still awake, but I shouldn’t be. We have to be up very early tomorrow morning; we have to be out the door no later than 5:30 am.

For the past few months, little man has been having ear infection after ear infection. Since mid-February, he has rarely been without one. Poor babyman has been on antibiotics more often than not, and for the past 7 weeks or so, has only been off of them for 5 days. We’re ready. Tomorrow morning, he will have tubes put into his ears. This will (hopefully) allow his ears to dry out, so that he no longer has the infections.

The tube itself is teensy.

(photo credit: http://entdoc-crc.com/FAQs.htm)

That is literally a tube sitting on a penny. It’s really that small.

So tomorrow morning, we’ll get to the hospital bright and early. We’ll go up to the outpatient same-day surgery area, and then they’ll prep him. We’ll have time to ask questions, and then they’ll put him under general anesthesia. You’d think I’d be terrified,  but I’m only a bit nervous. I know he’ll be fine, I’m just not looking forward to holding him as he falls asleep; I just don’t want it to be anyone other than me. I couldn’t stand not being there for that part. If they let me, I’d stay in there for the whole thing, but, well, they won’t.

Once he’s under, they’ll make a small incision in his ear drum, and insert the tube in the area. They’ll drain the huge amounts of fluid that just don’t want to clear up on their own, which I’m thrilled about. And then, voilà! He will be able to hear well again, and he will (hopefully) not get any more ear infections.

Essentially, this is the issue; it’s why he keeps getting ear infections:


(photo credit: http://earpopper.com/blog/an-ear-tube-named-eustachian)

What the whole thing looks like, side-view:

(photo credit: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/medical/IM02073)

And here is what it looks like, with the tube in the ear:

(photo credit: http://www.earcentergreensboro.com/medical-education/ear_tubes.php)

All in all, I’m looking forward to getting it done. He had a slight fever earlier today, which is usually a good indication that he has another ear infection brewing. Here’s hoping we can get it taken care of before it becomes an issue.

Wish us luck. It’ll be over and done quite early.



Overnight oats

So I have wanted to try a recipe for overnight oats since I first saw one a while ago on Pinterest. With going gluten free, I decided this was the perfect time to try, and got all the ingredients I would need to put this concoction together.

This is what I netted. Well, x2.
I put it all in a plastic container and let it sit overnight (hence the “overnight” part of the name). Brought it to work with me today, and received TONS of funny looks. It was okay. It needed something else. Next time, I’m mixing it up.

This recipe:
1/2 c rolled oats. From what I understand, these are the only ones that will work.
1/2 cup Greek yogurt.
3/4 cup milk (though it would definitely have been better with 1/2 instead.
A heaping tablespoon of peanut butter.
1 tablespoon of chocolate chips.

After tasting, I added almost 2 tbsp of strawberry preserves – ended up being quite good!


I always forget…

This time last year I was 6.5 months pregnant. One of the benefits of being pregnant was that, though I was affected by the heat and humidity because I was already baking, I was not affected the way I normally am: my joints didn’t offer me a lick of problems.

Fast forward a year, and this handsome little man…

The humidity is killing me. My hands and fingers are aching more than ever, and I just want to go home and sleep. I’m tired. I’m achy. I always said I wouldn’t use this as an area to complain. I’m not; I’m just stating a fact.

The humidity tends to exacerbate the pain I feel from Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility), and not much will help completely. Working in an air-conditioned environment helps, and having the house stay nice and cool is also a huge benefit. A dehumidifier adds to the comfort as well. However, dry heat is the best solution. I’m not moving to Arizona, though.

Two summers ago I found a decent solution to alleviating some of the pain; I’ll be doing it again, and hope I can keep it up for good this time. I will be going gluten free. It worked then, it will (hopefully) work again. I would rather not live on painkillers and other medications; I was able to cut down to just my heartburn medication, and have stayed on just that for the majority of the time. I’m hoping the absence of gluten in my diet will keep my pain at bay, or at least subdue it. The fire can go away, thanks.