cookies and milk

It’s almost Christmas.

We put up our tree a couple weeks ago (I know, it’s sacrilegious – before Thanksgiving!) and little man is incredibly enamored with the ornaments and the feel of the branches and needles. He tests us, of course – pulls at an ornament instead of just poking at it – but watches us for our reactions as he does, always with a grin on his face. He’s such a ham.

I wrapped some of the presents for little man and his cousin last night, and put some under the tree. I wasn’t sure if they would be noticed – silly, of course – and they were. This morning first thing they were poked and inspected. I don’t know why I was surprised; he may be only 14 months, but he’s smart, and though I’m thrilled he’s a smarty-pants, it’s kinda scary. I’m not looking forward to the day he outsmarts us. It’s bound to happen.

I am really starting to get into the Christmas spirit – especially because of little man. I just wish we had some (gulp) snow. I hate the stuff, but it really helps to make it feel more Christmasy out there. With the tree on and a blanket on my lap, it’s comforting, almost. Makes me feel like I’m a kid again, but this is so much better. Instead of the one being surprised by Santa and presents and wonderment and awe and magic and all that awesomeness, I get to do it for munchkin. I’m so excited to just totally make him wonder where everything came from and how Santa got down the chimney and how the reindeer fly and if Santa eats our cookies and milk but eats everyone else’s cookies and milk won’t he be too full to eat at the next house? and everything. Having a kid around just makes the holiday so much more fun.

I’m excited to share the magic.


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