Festivus Shmestivus.

I love Christmas. And giving gifts. And seeing how happy it makes people. I usually, however, have a rather difficult time choosing just the right gift for its recipient – and that’s why I’m that so flabbergasted that I chose to be a part of this awesome event: Festivus.

And as expected, I’m completely at a loss. I can’t think of anything super-cool to pick for my giftee: this person is an amazing writer, and has the most unbelievably awesome sense of humor. I only wish I had that sense of humor. My gift wishes I had that sense of humor.

I don’t want my gift to be too obvious, and I don’t want it to be such that whatever joke I’m thinking of when I choose it isn’t gotten. That’ll likely happen. That’s just me.

Oh, Festivus, how you confuse me. And Christmas. And most other gift-giving holidays.

Most? Of course I mean all.

3 thoughts on “Festivus Shmestivus.

  1. Totally know how you feel when your have to “shop” for someone you think is totally awesome. I usually just blank out and go all gift cards. I bet your gift is fantastic, though! If you need a little help, feel free to email us and we’ll put our heads together 😉

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