If you live anywhere that has television or Internet, you know that we got a bit of snow this weekend in New England. Crazy storm “Nemo” dropped about two feet of the horrid white stuff on us. We never lost power (thankfully) and were able to play outside today when my parents came over. I snapped an abundance of photos (on my camera for once, so the quality will be fabulous!!), and hopefully once our Internet starts working (that’s another story) I will post a few.

When hubby went to go out and shovel the stairs in anticipation of his parents’ arrival, we found this awesome sight.

We had enough snow to almost cover little man, and drifts almost twice his height!! He wasn’t impressed by the snow that ended up on his arm, but it was amusing and I had to snap yet another shot.

The blur is due to someone trying to unsuccessfully shake it all off of him.

Though I’m not a fan of snow (generally), this storm dumped quite a bit of beauty into my yard. Stunning.


Did you have any weird weather near you lately? Snow, rain, weird things?


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. We haven’t had any weird weather, but ever since we moved to Nebraska, I miss thunderstorms. There’s just something about those southern thunderstorms. Maybe it’s the constant tornado warnings… lol ;p

    • Oh, tornadoes. I’ve never lived through one, and I’m okay with that! Thunderstorms are amazing… all that energy in the air, the unforgiving sky. It’s awe-inspiring!

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