That Freak? Her?

There she is, that weirdo Kristin. Still in that walking boot. She’s always getting hurt – haven’t quite figured out how she could sprain her ankle STANDING IN PLACE. But somehow, she did it. Months ago. And still having problems with it. Ah well, that’s not the weirdest thing about her. Did you know that she LIKES MATH????? She bought an algebra workbook so she can practice. For fun. No reason other than that. Soooooo weird. And on Friday nights? Yeah, Kristin would rather stay home and read and play with her son than go out. Oh, or crochet. Yeah, she CROCHETS. Isn’t that an old lady thing to do??? Doilies and afghans? And the reading thing – doesn’t she have anything better to do? She is ALWAYS reading. Can’t keep her nose out of a book, and if it takes you two weeks to read that book, she probably read it last night. After work. What a freak.


What are you thinking?

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