Officially official

I officially have a WIP. Scratch that; I have two. Never expected to officially have one, one I’m really fleshing out, let alone two!! One is a children’s book, one is a novel.
I’m excited. Excited to get this dream of mine on paper, excited to get these books out of my brain and in ink. Or, well, in pencil and on the computer. Or note cards for now. Fleshing things out from there is weird, but it’s working nicely.
Dreams are funny, especially those that may seem impossible to attain; it takes a lot of heart and sweat and boatloads of motivation and little sleep. I need to find that extra motivation around – the fact that I am able to carry around one of my WIPs with me wherever I go helps.
And to that note, while I wait for my car, time to work on it.


2013 – books, writing, health and crochet. Or, goals for this year.

My sister set 13 goals for 2013, which made me want to do the same.  Therefore, world, I present you with my goals!

1. Read 52 books. I’m an avid reader, and have already read a few – the only difficulty will be remembering to keep track of the books I am reading!!

2. Lose those last 15 lbs. Since I got married 3.5 years ago, I have lost approximately 60 lbs. Last year (post-baby) I lost 35lbs, and I have stayed roughly stable since then. I just have 15 (20 at the most) left to lose.

3. Start writing again. I haven’t written in a while – at least, nothing of substance. I have a bit of a started piece, and I think I  may continue that. However, I have something else that has been marinating for a while, so I may flesh that one out.

4. Blog regularly. I’m working toward that one! I want to start to really get this blog going – I really enjoy it, but most of my thoughts come through when I’m chasing after munchkin. I think it’s time to keep notebooks around so that I can keep my ideas and musings fresh.

5. Get more blog followers. I’m working hard on this one – getting my name out there by following more awesome, well-known blogs, and commenting on them when I feel the need. They’re great bloggers that definitely love questions, and write their posts to draw discussion. It’s amazingly wonderful – definitely awesome people to learn from.

6. Enter at least one writing contest. I have been watching for writing contests for the past year or so, but have never really done anything with it. It’s time to start entering the contests, and not just look.

7. Start working out regularly – once I’m not injured. I currently have an ankle injury that I’m working through – MRI was just over a week ago, and I see the doctor for the results this Tuesday afternoon. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to figure out how best to treat it, because the issues I’m having with it have been going on for too long. And working out regularly will (hopefully) get me to feeling better, and start to reduce my chronic pain.

8. Start preparing meals in advance – healthy meals. I need to start planning meals better, and make sure I shop around them. I need to make sure that we’re prepared so we can regularly eat well, and not fall back on the easy, quick things that are not healthy.

9. Snack regularly with HEALTHY foods. Make good choices! I find I need to snack relatively regularly to keep me feeling good, and the foods I eat need to be better than cookies and such. I’m finding lately that I LOVE cottage cheese with peaches, and it’s great. It fills me up, and I really enjoy it.

10. Care as much about my own health as I do munchkin’s – I matter as much as he does! If I don’t keep myself healthy, I can’t keep munchkin healthy as well. Time to start worrying about ME.

11. Make a few afghans and finish my sweater. I love to crochet, but haven’t really done much lately. I have at least 3 afghans I would like to make, and would love to get them all completed. I started a sweater a while ago, and I hope to finish it – provided I didn’t mess anything up in the process!

12. Pull out my sewing machine and make some stuff. I have a whole board on Pinterest of ideas for things I want to make. It’s time to pull it out and make some of these things!

13. Be better about keeping the house clean – I’ll keep everyone sane that way! Munchkin keeps us busy, and can definitely be messy. The less clutter, the better – keep us all from going crazy.

Hopefully I can get everything accomplished this year. I would love to just be able to snap my fingers and have everything be the way I want, but I need to invest in myself. I hate that phrase, but it really seems to be the one that sums everything up. Life is a precious commodity, and one not to be wasted. I need to remember not to take it for granted.

Have you set goals for this year? What’s your biggest goal? The one you think will be easiest to attain, and the most difficult?

Twenty thirteen.

I have a post I started a few months ago that I have been slowly adding to. I’m hoping that by the weekend I’ll be able to publish it. It’s robust and detailed, but that is on purpose. I’m hoping I can get all the information I need to provide a convincing argument.

Here’s to more actively posting this new year. Here’s to more writing and less excuses… more focusing on my health than on my shortcomings… more family time than not.

It’s time to take hold of what is important to me and stop making excuses.


Festivus Shmestivus.

I love Christmas. And giving gifts. And seeing how happy it makes people. I usually, however, have a rather difficult time choosing just the right gift for its recipient – and that’s why I’m that so flabbergasted that I chose to be a part of this awesome event: Festivus.

And as expected, I’m completely at a loss. I can’t think of anything super-cool to pick for my giftee: this person is an amazing writer, and has the most unbelievably awesome sense of humor. I only wish I had that sense of humor. My gift wishes I had that sense of humor.

I don’t want my gift to be too obvious, and I don’t want it to be such that whatever joke I’m thinking of when I choose it isn’t gotten. That’ll likely happen. That’s just me.

Oh, Festivus, how you confuse me. And Christmas. And most other gift-giving holidays.

Most? Of course I mean all.

Let’s start anew…

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m not sure how or where. It was ripe with fun and family and everything that goes along with it. Traditions are a biggie for me, and though I was hoping to start a new one this year of eating yummy breakfast and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, things got in the way. I’m hoping that next year will be a little more sane and we will be able to take in the wide variety of floats and balloons.

Munchkin man enjoyed socializing with extended family, and we enjoyed watching him try new foods and run around the houses. He really is quite a ham, and is definitely not shy.

I have fallen off of the weight-loss wagon, but despite doing so, I have stayed at a relatively stable weight. I’m okay with this – I would rather stay flat than gain. I have a newfound motivation as we head into the Christmas season, so hopefully I am able to carry that motivation with me and it doesn’t find the nearest open window.

I started writing for NaNoWriMo and failed miserably. My first attempt got me to about 675 words, but I stopped caring about the story and had no real desire to flesh it out. So I changed everything, and got to about 350 words. Again, I didn’t really care about making the time to write, so I stopped. I definitely didn’t get to the goal word-count; maybe next year.


My ultimate goal: to one day be able to go to BEA. I read all about it last year. I keep seeing details about it now. And I so, so want to go. I want to immerse myself in books. I want to surround myself in the paper and print that so pull me in. I love books. This will help to motivate me more, I think, in writing my own novel.

I’m starting a new blog. I think I’ll be keeping up with that one as well – though it has a completely different purpose. Hopefully I’ll post my first entry tonight.

What’s one dream you have, and when do you hope to accomplish it by?

Books, babies, and bonding

Now that we are healthy again, things are back to normal. Sort of. Back to work, back to play, and a clingy baby – I think he was more traumatized by the separation than I thought he was. He is getting better, so we’ll see how the next few days go.

I have an idea for a book floating around in my head, but just the thought of it scares me. I have never read anything like it before. I don’t know if anyone would even want to read it. Don’t ask what it is, because right now, I don’t want to discuss the thought – it’s too fresh and new. I’m still processing. I’m trying to decide if it’s something I want to put down on paper, or if I just want it to continue floating through my consciousness. This is when I wish I had a recorder so I could “write” on my drive in to work.

I’ve been reading a ton lately. Just finished The Witness by Nora Roberts, one of my all-time favorite authors. I really enjoyed it, but thought it was a bit predictable. That’s never a good thing. Currently reading Crossed by Ally Condie – it’s the second in the Matched trilogy. Breezed through the first, and loving the second. They’re similar to The Hunger Games, in a way… not really in an apples to apples way. More like an apples to potatoes way. Subtle, but that’s about it. I would compare it more to The Giver by Lois Lowry than The Hunger Games.

I have also been reading children’s books a LOT. One thing I know for sure is that we need a different bookshelf. Half of little man’s books don’t stand up on his shelf. The other thing I know for sure is that I need to get more books. There are so many that I love that we don’t have yet. I have been reading to little man every night before bed, and I cherish the time. He won’t be little for long. I keep remembering that. When I’m frustrated because it’s taking him an hour to fall asleep, and I have been rocking him the whole time, I remember that he won’t be little and willing to snuggle forever. And we continue to rock and snuggle.

But I digress.

I am going to start slowly building up his book collection. We get book orders every month from daycare, but a lot of the books are nothing like I’m looking for. Or they’re princess books. Or Miley Cyrus. Both are equally bad for my little man. Or, well, less than ideal.

What is your favorite children’s book? What is your favorite adult book? Young adult/teen book? And why? I’m curious; I need to stretch my books-to-read queue.

Another day…

Another few days have passed without a post, for which I apologize. I do have 7 or 8 posts started, and I will finish them. When, I don’t know; but hopefully soon. Some are comments on the news, others are topics I want to broach. But since the laptop died last week, I find it harder to update – when I get up to the bedroom, where the desktop is, I just want to sleep.

We’ll see how long it takes to get through these thoughts.

What gets in the way of you doing the things you want to do?


i love writing letters.

So said Abby – you should read her blog; it’s witty, whimsical, and just plain fun. abby makes a few good points that i will reiterate – the length of the letter is not the best part – it’s how it makes the recipient feel – hopefully, he or she feels loved. and creating paper or cards is immensely fun. the creativity of it really personalizes the entire project, which helps to (again) show the recipient how much he or she is cared for.

i have a few pen pals scattered around the globe. I admit, i’m currently an absolutely horrible pen pal, as i haven’t written since before little man was born. i admit, i’ve been incredibly busy – moved, birthed a baby, bought a house, moved again, and have been raising an incredibly busy little boy while working full time and running a house. no, i haven’t been busy at all. trust me, i’m not complaining – i love my life. i love the busyness, the constant go go go that we have. however, i do love some down-time as well. we’re going to have some this weekend for the first time in a while. i think the extent of our plans are to bring little man to the park, where we are going to spend some time saturday swinging. i’m really looking forward to it. i’ll bring my camera, document it. i have to get better at documenting with my camera, and not just with my cell phone – the pictures are nowhere near as good on my phone as they are on my camera.

but i digress.

(i’ve always wanted to say that.)

i think i have pretty amazing, understanding pen pals – once i can find the letters they sent (they were received, packed, then unpacked – i think i know where they are), i am going to respond, apologize profusely, and hopefully not lose a friend that way. time to make time.