Tired, happy, baby kisses.

Welp. My baby man turned ONE a couple weeks ago.

He started out like this.

Moved to this.

And now is this.

I don’t know how time has gone by so quickly.

It’s surreal, and somewhat bittersweet. I love the boy he has become, so inquisitive, so smart. He’s always asking “What’s that?” and pointing at things. I think it’s a preclude to him asking “Why?” at everything. I’m okay with that. It means he’s learning.

Pre-baby-man: our lives were relatively quiet; we would spend our evenings reading or playing video games, occasionally meeting up with friends. We’re both home-bodies, so we were perfectly content not doing much outside of the house. Our evenings were quiet, and we were okay with that.

After baby-man: we don’t often go out. Our evenings are only quiet after 7:45pm, which is the bedtime of said baby-man. We eat dinner and play, and then after he has bathtime, he sleeps. He sleeps easily and well. His latest thing is attempting to dive into the crib so he can lay down and snuggle his bear, waiting for his blanket to cover him, ready to sleep.

But I digress.

After baby-man: we don’t often go out. It’s actually rather rare. But we’re okay with that. (See Pre-baby-man for explanation.) We still read or catch up on our shows (though “catch up” is now the operative term; it’s rare that we catch them on the night – or the night after, to be honest – they originally air), and we have our together-time. It’s different, but a good different.

“Logan, come give Momma kisses.” Baby-man toddles over (yes, toddles – he’s walking!), open-mouthed and ready to kiss Momma. Usually a big grin is hulking behind the open-mouthed kisser, and after the “kiss,” he runs away. Yes, he runs, too.

The first year has been amazing. It has been crazy (we bought our first house in January), wonderful, and difficult. But who said raising a child was easy??

We have an amazing little boy, and a fabulous family. We’re incredibly happy, smooshed in there with a whole lotta tired. But it’s a good tired.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Logan and Momma pumpkin picking!

Logan and Daddy watching the Patriots!

Reading cards and opening presents at Logan’s birthday party!