i love writing letters.

So said Abby – you should read her blog; it’s witty, whimsical, and just plain fun. abby makes a few good points that i will reiterate – the length of the letter is not the best part – it’s how it makes the recipient feel – hopefully, he or she feels loved. and creating paper or cards is immensely fun. the creativity of it really personalizes the entire project, which helps to (again) show the recipient how much he or she is cared for.

i have a few pen pals scattered around the globe. I admit, i’m currently an absolutely horrible pen pal, as i haven’t written since before little man was born. i admit, i’ve been incredibly busy – moved, birthed a baby, bought a house, moved again, and have been raising an incredibly busy little boy while working full time and running a house. no, i haven’t been busy at all. trust me, i’m not complaining – i love my life. i love the busyness, the constant go go go that we have. however, i do love some down-time as well. we’re going to have some this weekend for the first time in a while. i think the extent of our plans are to bring little man to the park, where we are going to spend some time saturday swinging. i’m really looking forward to it. i’ll bring my camera, document it. i have to get better at documenting with my camera, and not just with my cell phone – the pictures are nowhere near as good on my phone as they are on my camera.

but i digress.

(i’ve always wanted to say that.)

i think i have pretty amazing, understanding pen pals – once i can find the letters they sent (they were received, packed, then unpacked – i think i know where they are), i am going to respond, apologize profusely, and hopefully not lose a friend that way. time to make time.